Monday, March 3, 2014

Joy Bee Quilt Finish

I received another bee quilt back from the long armer.  I really liked this block in these colors. Hard to believe that this was my block for the Joy. do good stitches bee back in January 2013.  2013 a whole year ago.  So it is about time that I have it quilted, bound and photographed.

The quilting is a simple double loop meandering all over the quilt in a variegated orange color that is called Creamsicle I believe.  Yum. Love Creamsicles.

If you are curious about the block, the original is by Sew Crafty Jess one of my fav quilting blogs to follow. She made her's with a frame around them but you can still see the block and how it looks in a baby quilt.

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