Monday, October 28, 2013

The Faces of Hoshi

I think we have a dog that thinks she is a super model.  I tell you, every time you get a camera out Hoshi is moving ( posing) herself.  Just take this photo.  Only two seconds before she had her paws out straight.  I take the camera out and she crosses them, sits her ears up. Its very funny to watch and when you look at the photos she actually looks really good.

But what a character.  She is very sweet and cuddly. She has a weird yawn that sounds like an opera singer trying to reach the high notes and loves to reach out her paw and touch you gently.  She is not very good at walking on the leash.  She likes to smell everything, and I mean everything.  She also is not afraid of water, hopping into the shower with you if you aren't watching.

She normally sleeps curled up into a dainty ball, but sometimes she rolls over and sleeps on her back with her feet up in the air. Very strange.

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