Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oink a doodle Moo Quilt Top

Well the long weekend was good for something other than being on duty. I was able to cut up the layer cake of fabric I picked up in May when I was home in Victoria. When I saw the Oink a Doodle Moo fabric from Jenn Ski I thought it would make a perfect quilt top for a baby boy.  Perhaps a themed nursery that uses the farm theme? 

The pattern that I choose was from Camille Roskelleys books, called Simple Retro.  The pattern is called Framed and is a wonderful way to use up the layer cake pre cut.  It shows off pieces of fabric with its 7 inch squares. The way the blocks are arranged gives a secondary pattern of the cross which makes the whole quilt quite stunning.

I decided to do the quilt up with a black background rather than the white as it thought it would reflect the colors better.  It also reminded me of freshly tilled black dirt. As for quilting, I think the I will go for something that is loopy and meandering across the quilt.

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