Saturday, July 27, 2013

Akira Love

This is Akira. She is a little rascal let me tell you. Very smart too. You can see that little puppy mind thinking when she tilts her little head at you thinking that her cuteness is going to give her a pass on what you want her to do.  She has nice markings on her body and her feet are sweet reminding me of maple fudge dipped in cream at the tips.  I hope that they stay that way.
Conked out after running around
 Its hilarious watching her go down the stairs.  She did it once chasing after Craig as he went downstairs to the BBQ but since then seems to be hesitant and wanting us to pick her up and take her down.  I think in the next two weeks she will be motoring up and down the stairs with no problems.

Right now she is starting to nibble on things like chair legs so we'll have to start correcting her or risk having the furniture all marked up. She seems to be doing okay with the collar and leash training, and even has some manners, sitting with little instruction. I think there is great potential with this little pup.

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