Monday, February 13, 2012

The Week in Quilt Land

The past few days in quilt land have been busy despite doing a whirl wind of house cleaning, painting, taping and general sorting and filing.  I now belong to a UFO group on Flickr which has been really good for keeping me on track with working on old UFO projects.  While I haven't made a complete list of what needs to be done, I do have a little one made that gets a new project added to it as I finish off another one.  I also am on a kick to try to use up scraps as well ( which makes it very clear I have way too many).  If anyone knows a good scrappy pattern that is quick send it my way please. 

Tokyo Subway
 I also started making Tokyo Subway quilt as done by Elizabeth at Oh Fransson.  I think if I was to do it again I would not do it all in 2" square pieces but long strips instead. It would make it go quicker and be less fussy.  But I have four of 25 blocks done.   If I keep to my schedule of two a week I should be done by March ish. 
Honey I'm Home by McKenna Ryan
 I picked up four of these patterns by McKenna Ryan.  So far I have one made, the others traced out and ready to iron on fabric too.  I will get on these latter.  This one though will be popped in the mail to Dad for his birthday in a few weeks.
Happy Baby Quilt
 The pattern material is from Riley Blake made into this quilt pattern downloadable from Michael Miller.  The original pattern used a fabric called Happy Valley so I used part of the title for the name of my quilt.  I just love how this looks, all pretty and pink in green and pink.  I wonder what Arlene will do with it when it gets in her long arm machine.

I also have this snowball pieced.  Only thing that remains is to add borders.  I can't decide whether to use a solid or a print found in one of the blocks.  I had originally planned to do a scrappy border using all the block material but it didn't look right.  So plan b or C or D. 

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