Monday, January 30, 2012

UFO's are coming

As you may have noticed I have been doing some housekeeping on the blog. I removed some buttons of past projects and added some new ones that are reflective of my goals for this year. One such button is the UFO button from  Cut to Pieces.  In the past when I was a part of a guild we had little challenges to either exchange UFO”S or incentives to get them done, so this is the same thing except the community is on line.

Its good timing for me to be considering UFO lists too as I started looking into THE CLOSET in the hall where the UFO’s are stored and realized that I really need to do something about this growing problem.  Most of my UFO’s are projects I began between 2000 and 2006.  At that time, I moved, joined the Canadian Forces, got married, in general had a life upheaval and when I returned back to these projects, I really wasn’t inspired by them. Some of them were for certain occasions now long passed, others were for me and got pushed aside by projects for others, and still others I decided I hated something about it be it pattern, color, or overall look.

When January came this year I decided that I should pull some of these out and see what I could accomplish during the month of Jan. Of course like normal, I tried to be an over achiever…. (need to work on that.) So here is what I got up to:

Walk in the Woods -  An old one from the late 1990’s by McKenna Ryan’s Walk.  I just love this work but it takes a lot of time which I was very bad about investing when I first got it.  Since then I have made numerous of these blocks as one offs for others but haven’t completed the whole version for me.  So I completed 6 blocks, including stitching. I figure if I give myself one night a week to focus on this I can get it done in three weeks.

Two blocks from Walk thru the woods. The rest are behind this.Need to fix the fisherman's rod.

Animals in the Zoo -  a more recent UFO started when I picked up a bag of scraps at  my LQS.  Not sure how they used these fabrics, but I thought a random baby quilt with a bit of fussy cutting would work great. I also recently picked up at lovely piece of minky end in green that will make a nice backing.  I have a young woman at work who is pregnant with her first in mind for this quilt.
Animals in the Zoo

Blogger Blockapalooza – I completed all the blocks last year during the blockapalooza.  Not sure why I haven’t completed it other than I want to do something different with the layout.  There are a few options in Flckr that appeal to me that I need to use as inspiration. Thus far no progress.

Ice Quilt – based of Oh Frannsons block, I decided to make my own during the Christmas break of 2010/11.  I got quite a few accomplished but decided that I wanted to use up the bin of scraps.  It’s a big pile of scraps.  Have to make a decision about whether to make more or stop and make a top. 

Ice Quilt blocks

Lenten Stole – I make stoles for my professional work life. Last year I made one for dad and another just the same for me.  He got his all nice and lovely for his birthday or was it Christmas.  But mine is still hanging, staring at me daring me to finish it.  Just need to put on the binding and some bling. 

Lent Stole
Three Kings – I started this in 2009 when the Dh was posted out and I needed to fill in long evenings. It lovely and rich in color and about halfway done.Sorry no photo for this one yet.

And is there more you ask? 


But that is enough for now or else we will both be overwhelmed.

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