Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Lull

To recover from all the busyness of Christmas I have parked myself in front of the sewing machine for therapy. I have been quite productive too.  I have made numerous little gift bags from Sew for Home.  They have turned out wonderfully.  So much so, I have gone and bought some more fabric to make some birthday type ones too. 
Crazy, I know but they are so nice and will look so good stuff with goodies for a friend, and they can be recycled over and over again.  Who knows who they will end up with.  I think that is the cool part. So what do they look like  TA DA!
large size
Medium size

I am also working on a few other projects that have been sitting on the shelf far too long.  Yes, you know the projects that I mean.  We all have them.  Sadly many of mine are from around 2000.  Yikes.  So I really do have to get them done and off to a new home. 
Small size

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